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By | December 24, 2016

If your laptop isn’t running as smoothly as a result of it did when you first took it out of the box, the potential wrongdoer can be a fragmented Winchester drive, an overabundance of junk files, a Windows record in disarray. as luck would have it, AVG Antivirus 2017 ¬†improves your Windows computer’s performance by removing junk files, uninstalling spare programs, defragmenting the Winchester drive, and much, much more. Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP computers, Antivirus 2017 desires merely an internet affiliation for activating the license and receiving updates. In distinction to Iolo System Mechanics 14, which could be placed in on a limitless type of computers, Antivirus 2017 limits you to 1 laptop installation with the lowest annual subscription (and you pay $10 for each additional license). Antivirus 2017 analysis may not be a problem? In single-computer households, but prepare to open your pocketbook if there are multiple computers in your residence that need a tune-up.

Should you pull the trigger on a license purchase, you may realize Antivirus 2017 implausibly easy to use. Once you kindle the program, you’re prompted to run a system scan that digs up record and defragmentation problems, moreover as various issues. Then it’s time to explore the tune-up utility’s many choices.

Price: – Avg ultimate antivirus pricing starts from $33.95/device. Avg provides 30 days money back guarantee. so you can use without risk and safe your computer/android device/Mac. In Premium version include the features:-

Enhanced Firewall

Economy Mode

Disk Cleaner

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Features – What’s New!

Antivirus 2017’s tabbed interface contains VI sections: Dashboard, Optimize, Clean Up, Fix issues, change, and each one Functions. Each tab has many useful, clearly made public functions that are easy for the common person to understand. The Dashboard tab that’s that the app’s default screen, displays the quantity of problems and additionally the tools designed to repair them. At very cheap of the window is an improvement Potential band that fills as you complete the steps needed to whip your laptop into type. I found it a nice due to stay prime of the maintenance methodology.

AVG Antivirus 2017 is a particularly powerful system maintenance and optimization tool which may assist you clean your system, fix issues, improve stability, extend battery life, unleash Winchester drive house, and typically keep your laptop running at peak performance.

If you think that that that sounds thorough, then you’re right, that impression are about to be confirmed as you start to explore. The program’s Optimize section, as an example, has modules to defragment your Winchester drive, disable superfluous startup programs, uninstall applications you are doing not would love, optimize your system startup and ending, and clean and defragment the record.

And that’s before you get on to the extra advanced “Optimize” choices. kind of a “Disable Programs” module that allows you to shortly close up applications, cathartic up valuable resources whereas not uninstalling them. Or the “Live Optimization” feature that automatically balances methodology priorities in real time to help keep your system running smoothly, even once below serious load.

There’s scores of power in these individual modules, too. thus the Uninstall Manager, as an example, isn’t solely a duplicate of the regular Windows “Uninstall” applet; it jointly highlights once a program was last used, its size, system load and “usefulness” rating, very helpful once you’re trying to find applications you will be ready to do whereas not.

This story is perennial elsewhere. A “Clean Up” tab provides a bunch of tools to unleash Winchester drive space; the “Fix Problems” module makes it easy to resolve many common Windows issues (the taskbar can’t be displayed, the font folder isn’t operative, Windows Update is broken, then on); and additionally the “Customize Windows” module can offer your laptop a private look by setting up a custom logon screen, exchange icons, choosing new visual styles, even giving your desktop an entire new theme.

A no obligatory “Economy Mode” aims to extend your battery life by reducing your CPU’s power consumption, throw surplus background processes, reducing the ability demands of internal and external devices, and more.

Bonus utilities on offer here embrace an Undelete tool to recover accidentally lost files, and a tool to completely destroy confidential documents that you just truly do not need anyone else to scan.

And yet, despite all this power, the suite remains sometimes very easy to use. Individual functions are easy to find; an honest facilitate file will answer most questions; or if you really just like the straightforward life, the program is also left to run most of these maintenance tasks entirely automatically, whereas you get on with extra very important things.

AVG Antivirus 2017 extends this mix even a lot of with some welcome additions and enhancements. A duplicate Finder locates and removes superfluous identical files, whereas the Browser Cleaner supports removing recent info from 25 of the foremost common browsers.

A “Flight Mode” makes it even easier to save lots of battery life by throw Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with one click.

And there are smaller, extra general enhancements to the record and crosscut cleaners, the live improvement modules, automatic update system, Settings Centre and extra, all presented in an improved interface.


AVG Antivirus 2017 isn’t solely another likeness laptop maintenance tool – it’s powerful, intelligent and feature-packed. If you’re looking for facilitate in optimizing your system then it’s possibly the foremost effective tool you may find anywhere.

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