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By | December 14, 2016

norton-antivirus-download-33The Internet’s constant development makes ‘Internet felons’ use more and more subtle ways in which to with success expire to your pc, also as several different computers, all styles of malware, viruses and spyware.

Norton Antivirus offers most security from these threats and grants you piece of mind whereas operating or browsing. Norton Antivirus includes a convenient and straightforward to use center, 4 layers that offer full protection even from the foremost subtle viruses, protection from probably harmful files transfer and removal of existing threats.

 Symantec’s Norton Antivirus code for Windows 7 may be a high performance product among the most effective in its product class. Fantastically designed for simple use, it detects and blocks malware and cleans PCs that are already infected. Freelance take a look at labs ensure that Norton is among the most effective antivirus for Windows 7 product. Facilitate and support is free and accessible at any time via chat, telephone and email. Within the antivirus for Windows 7 product class, Norton Antivirus wins the highest 10 Reviews Bronze Award as a result of it’s glorious.


One of the explanations that Norton Antivirus competes among the most effective antivirus for Windows 7 product is that it performs well. It’s extremely usable. It will clean computers that are already infected, and it will defend against new malware infections. A revered freelance take a look at research laboratory, AV-Test, evaluated 25 security product ceaselessly for 2 months within the summer of 2013 and subjected Norton Antivirus to variety of various tests.

Norton Antivirus scored 5.5 points out of half dozen for usability at AV-Test labs. To see for usability, AV-Test tested:

  • Average speed that the safety code slowed the pc
  • Number of false positives throughout a scan (the false identification of innocuous code as malware)
  • Number of false warnings whereas downloading and putting in legitimate code
  • Incorrect interference of absolutely safe code throughout downloads and installation

Norton Antivirus scored 5.5 out of half dozen throughout AV-Test checks on however well it cleans and repairs infected Windows 7 PCs. The repair tests measured the following:

  • Ability to find actively running malware
  • How well the antivirus code removes malware
  • Removal of each malicious element and skill to rectify important system functions

AV-Test awarded Norton 5.5 out of half dozen points for its performance in tests designed to visualize however well it protects against viruses, worms and Trojan horses. One take a look at checked to visualize if Norton might defend against spic-and-span threats. Another exposed Norton to malware that was not up to 90 days recent. A 3rd take a look at checked for the software’s ability to search out already-prevalent malware.

Overview of Task System

Norton scans for malicious and risky apps, needless to say. A lot of apparently, its App consultant works within Google Play, checking each app you faucet and coverage the danger level. Faucet the tiny notification at all-time low to examine details of App Advisor’s findings. Norton’s in depth set of anti-theft options will be triggered either by work in to the net console or by causing coded SMS commands. Naturally you’ll use it to find, lock, or wipe the device, and therefore the scream feature helps realize a misplaced device reception. Once you lock the device, it displays a contact message of your alternative, thus somebody who finds your lost device will attempt to come it.

The Sneak Peek feature helps you to remotely (and silently) snap a photograph of whoever is holding the device. Once you lock a lost or taken device, it mechanically snaps a photograph each 10 minutes, and reports its location each 5 minutes. You’ll additionally remotely make a copy your contacts before resorting to the Wipe command that performs a works reset.


In addition to glorious performance, Norton Antivirus software for Windows 7 includes several helpful features:

  • Scans email and instant messages
  • Warns if an internet site may be a phishing scam
  • Protects throughout the time that the browser is loading
  • Detects new threats that don’t seem to be within the threat-signature info
  • Updates itself mechanically
  • Controls information usage on mobile networks


Symantec supports Norton customers with several sensible resources. There’s a knowledgebase on-line with several answers to commonly asked queries. There’s a free utility that eliminates deeply embedded malware, otherwise you will prefer to have the Norton support team take away a stubborn virus for a fee. Fascinating blogs are accessible on-line, in conjunction with a user community and forum. You’ll be able to email, decision or chat with support representatives at any time at no cost. From your on-line Norton account, you’ll be able to manage all of your Norton product subscriptions. Norton Antivirus may be a trusty antivirus for Windows 7 whole.

It’s a rather massive user base as a result of its straightforward to use and effective. From year to year, it incorporates well-considered and innovative options. Norton Antivirus is one in every of the highest Windows 7 web security product and performs well higher than the amount of most of its competitors.

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